I handle the details, you run your business.

Regina the virtual assistant and ghostwriter consults for a potential client.

Your new staff member

Tell me what you need and I'll take careful notes. I fit into your virtual workplace as another member of your team, committed to your business goals and success.


Remote assistance

I have 25 years of experience in eight industries, am located in Chicago, but serve clients throughout the country. I enjoy supporting women entrepreneurs and solo practitioners by doing the administrative, "back office" work you don't have time for.



I write articles, blog posts, web copy and newsletters. I also edit and proofread, so no one can find a single punctuation or spelling error. I have two degrees in English and have been writing and editing for decades.

I love nit-picky, can't-fall-through-the-cracks details.

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"Never do anything yourself that others can do for you." ~Agatha Christie

The Detail Conductor

1224 W. Farwell Avenue, Chicago, IL 60626, USA

(773) 255-6282 regina@detailconductor.com